Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chelsea markets, the High Line and the best view in the world

I've been out pounding the streets of the city in which I want to spend the rest of my life - NYC. I now know why everyone wears "I heart New York" t shirts. If I had one I'd never take it off.

This post has a very tenuous link to books, but watch me make them relevant so I can tell you about my walk through the Meat Packing District yesterday.

We started at the Chelsea markets (right next door to the Meat Packing hood) and ate lunch at one of the many hip delis (me a fajita, BF a sandwich) for US$9.00. Bargain! The markets are mainly home to delicious hand made food (we saw bakers kneading the dough at "Amy's Bread"), but I also chanced upon a bookshop.

It's getting tiresome perusing amazing foreign bookstores without being able to buy. Don't tell but I've been writing down some must have titles to purchase later on my Kindle. So naughty but I can't cram another book into my pack.

Next, we climbed up two floors to the High Line, a once elevated railway line that's been transformed into an urban park. You feel at one with the city up here among the high rises and the bee populated flowers.

And look - the American Book Bindery Building (told you it'd be tenuous!)

We parked up on the bleachers for a rest and a pleasant ear assault from a couple of musicians straight out of N'awlins.

After all that strenuous walking we thought we deserved a treat, so up we went to the 18th floor of the  posh Standard Hotel for a cocktail and a leisurely sup on the best view in the world.

Thanks friend Kate for telling us about this "must do" New York experience - you were so right!


  1. Sweet Ames, I looooove your blog and your travel journal!

    I didn't realize you were such a book fiend! Can't wait to exchange some good stories and recommendations about the world of pages.


  2. Sounds good! I look forward to it

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