Saturday, July 21, 2012

Booked Out in New England

New England is a book lover's treat. About a million amazing authors, past and present, called it home (Louisa M. Alcott being my fav), and around every corner almost, you'll stumble across a new book shop or library to feast your eyes upon. Here are a few I saw.

Harvard Book Store is a bibliophile's paradise. It sells a tonne of remainders (books that are going out of production or getting a new cover) for insanely cheap prices.The most expensive was five dollars. My arms ached with the effort of not rushing to the counter, tomes piled high. 

Around the corner from Harvard Book Store is the Harvard/MIT Coop, founded by students in 1882. Four floors of books. Nuff said.

I was admiring the architecture in Copley Square, Boston when the downpour hit. I looked up for shelter and there in front of me stood the Public Library. Angels sang a heavenly chorus as I dashed in to appreciate the decadent interior and the stunning court yard.
I found this book in the Coop. I'm getting one. Any ideas for where and what, post them in the comments! Until next time lovely reader.

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