Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Broken Kindles Wouldn't Have Bothered Anne Shirley

Woe is me! My Kindle has broken down right in the middle of a comfort read that I'm desperate to finish. I've been revisiting the Anne of Green Gables stories (judge me if you wish but they are my favourite of all favs and so comforting when travelling alone becomes a tad lonely.)

Do you have a certain book or books that you return to over and again? The 'Anne' novels are ones I'll never tire of. They take me back to my L.M Montgomery obsession as an 11 year old (to the point where I wrote a letter to myself at 13 in imitation of one of her characters!)

I was smack in the middle of the last book in the series, 'Rilla of Ingleside,' when the unthinkable occurred: my Kindle would not turn on. My love for my Kindle is certainly no secret. It surely is a delight to hanker after a book (perhaps I've been reading too much of Anne?!)and purchase it then and there at the click of a button.

But a traditional book would laugh in the face of a flat battery or a system malfunction. Perhaps there's something to be said for our faithful old reads and their dependable old formats after all.

As for me, I'm now reduced to scrabbling round in railway station bookshops for half way decent reads that are written in English!

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