Saturday, May 14, 2011

Joining The Twitterlution

I’ve just stumbled upon a whole new world of procrastination. I’m embarrassingly late to the party - most people have been missing deadlines for years, so caught up are they in the Twitterverse (Twittersphere?). I’m bewildered as to why I’ve held out on this magical place for so long. Perhaps somewhere in the depths of my subconscious my do-gooder alter ego knew this would be the end of any productive work I would churn out for the foreseeable. But I don’t care, because now I know how to get @Barack Obama to follow me on Twitter, I can read delightful 140 character “Twisters” by @arjunbasu, and I can follow the movements of a Trafalgar Square pigeon @feralpigeon “slow walk ... bob ... bob ... bob ...” Bring on the Twitterlution.

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